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Motivational Speaker Derek Clark Delivers an Inspiring TED Talk About Growing Up in Foster Care

Derek Clark, a Motivational speaker for foster care and adoption delivers an inspirational keynote at the TED conference on the power of determination. Derek’s personal life story is one of redemption. Thirteen years of Derek’s early life was spent in the San Francisco bay area foster care system. Before entering foster care, Derek’s parents brutally abused him and abandoned him at a psychiatric facility at the age of five.  He has experienced the life of fear, rejection and much more, and yet, nothing could hold him back. He overcame great adversity and has an incredibly inspiring story.

In his presentations, Derek shares excerpts from his neurological and psychiatric evaluations where is states that he had the IQ of a two year old and diagnosed him overtly psychotic, erratic psychosis and many other labels. Having also been misdiagnosed as mentally handicapped and having numerous emotional and language difficulties, Derek never gave up.

With the help of his loving and committed foster parents and a fantastic social worker, he broke through the artificial limitations that were imposed upon him. Derek’s unbelievable past has never held him back from accomplishing what he set his mind to. From owning a very successful sales corporation to having a beautiful family, his maxim and energy is put into “No excuses. There is always a way.”   He shares with his audiences the inspiration and the tools that helped him to deal, feel and heal through his traumatic life experiences.

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Watch Derek Clark share his inspiring and incredible foster care story at a TED event.

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